Recharging Creativity: Go Outside

  @TravisAlexPhoto on Instagram

@TravisAlexPhoto on Instagram

It’s easy for us creatives to hermit. Emails, editing, phone calls, more editing…on and on we spin, as the sun comes up and settles before we have left the glowing nets of our computer screens. 

Our habits become a comfort zone for us…They make us feel productive and responsible, because, we all understand how it feels, to take a pen to your to do list, watching task after task disappear after every aggressive stroke. It’s mentally orgasmic.

It’s biggest down side to this lifestyle that we all forget: The continuous loss of creative consciousness used by the left side of our brains. The worst part of all? We have no choice but to deal with it. It’s in our job description. 

  @TravisAlexPhoto on Instagram

@TravisAlexPhoto on Instagram

During these times of high end digital productivity, it’s easy to forget to recharge ourselves. Things that allow us to disconnect from our daily task list to get our body moving and our blood pumping. 

Ask yourself, when was the last time you just took 30 minutes out of your day to stop what you were doing, walk out the door, breathe in some fresh air, look up at the sky, and then come back during your busy schedule? How about 10 minutes just to stroll around the block? 

I bet half of you who will read this will think about it, and admit to yourself “I actually haven’t today” or, “I’ve never done that”, and you know what, I totally understand! It feels like you are in the wrong by stepping away. You feel like if you stop rowing that boat your on, the stream is going to bring you back right where you started. It’s suffocating to even imagine that happening. 

However, I am here to tell you, that’s not the case. Taking a deep breathe and leaving the house is the best you can do for not only your mind, but your body as well. Your back muscles and legs will thank you.

  My afternoon studio view: © Travis Alex Photo

My afternoon studio view: © Travis Alex Photo

My first (and most favorite) suggestion to recharging yourself during a hectic work week is to explore. Not just leave the house or office (but baby steps of coarse), but to pick a park I have never been to before, or a street I have never walked down, and navigate it thoroughly. Take your time to see it;

Look at the buildings and how the sun strike them.

Observe the people in those neighborhoods, what are they doing? Make up a story about them or give them a funny voice!

Is there food on this journey? Try out what they have. Food is always a wonderful reason to come back!

Absorb the view; Pause, look out, close your eyes and take a deep breathe in and out.

© Travis Alex Photo 

I’ll be the first to say, I do not live in Sunny Cali, or the hustle and bustle of NYC, so the photos above my explorations may not be to your suiting, however, that’s far from the point of this post.

There is a beautiful world out there with so much to see waiting for you to see, and because of our wild schedules, we often fail to see it and make it part of our schedules too. 

10 minutes is all I ask you to do to start. Even if you have to put it into your Google calendar to remind you to do it (if you are a goal/task OCD oriented person like me).

10 minutes to read a book under a tree.

10 minutes to walk around the block, grab a coffee or tea, and walk back.

10 minutes to sit on a park bench and just breathe it all in.

10 Minutes to lye in some grass and let the Sun strike you.

10 mins of Yoga or Jogging. 

I guarantee these small actions will allow you to make much bigger choices (and time) to explore further, and re-inspire you, re-energize you, and make you a much more healthier creative for tomorrow, and into the future. 

Have you been exploring lately? What have you seen that inspired you lately?