1970's SX-70 Selfie - Sep. 2017

                                                                                                                   1970's SX-70 Selfie - Sep. 2017


Art Director & Conceptual Portrait Photographer currently based in Providence, RI. Available for commissions and exhibitions internationally.

Uninhibited and uncensored. Cooking Hobbyist, Shibari Artist, Biker, Bowler, & Gamer Geek. A goofball with a lively demeanor and intense passion. This makes me easily relatable, giving me a competitive edge among diverse groups of people, rendering even the most camera shy finding comfort and confidence in front of my camera.

Artistically colorful and emotionally deep. A distinctive blend of both Light & Dark. My work is an ongoing exploration of narratives that blend of soul, humor, personality, and subculture in stark contrast to the status quo.  I’m a crock pot of ideas on a low simmer, blending experimentation with raw emotions and risque nature. I like Bold and poetic, thought-provoking and daring, lively and personal. Emotion always comes first, then the rest of it second. 

Here lies an inseparable line between my life and my photographic art.

faces in places. FRIENDS and ACQUAINTANCES.

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work i make for my own sake.
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